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  • E24 M635CSi
    Owner: Holger Mai
    VIN: WBAEE310301052480
    Date of Production: June, 1985
    Country: Germany
  • E39 M5
    Owner: Heiko Hnidey
    VIN: WBSDE92020BJ10288
    Date of Production: September, 1999
    Country: South Africa
  • E36/8 M coupe
    Owner: Michael Salomon
    VIN: WBSCM92000LB29806
    Date of Production: March, 2000
    Country: South Africa
  • E31 850CSi
    Owner: David Richards
    VIN: WBSEG9321SCD00162
    Date of Production: January, 1995
    Country: United States
  • E60 M5
    Owner: Timothy Arabit
    Date of Production: October, 2009
    Country: United States
  • F82 M4 coupe
    Owner: Aleks Kalici
    VIN: WBS3R9C59FK329705
    Date of Production: June, 2014
    Country: United States
  • E36/7 M roadster
    Owner: James Fitzsimmions
    VIN: 5UMCL93422LJ82501
    Date of Production: February, 2002
    Country: United States
  • E36/7 M roadster
    Owner: Deb Paull
    Date of Production: March, 2000
    Country: United States
  • E30 M3
    Owner: Arif Tukel
    VIN: WBSAK010000843041
    Date of Production: November, 1986
    Country: Cyprus
  • E86 M Coupe
    Owner: Dennis Logan
    VIN: 5UMDU934X7LM08034
    Date of Production: December, 2006
    Country: United States
  • E60 M5
    Owner: Wesley Orrin
    VIN: WBSNB93578CX10687
    Date of Production: May, 2008
    Country: United States
  • E39 M5
    Owner: Zaakir Essop
    VIN: WBSDE920X0BJ10278
    Date of Production: July, 1999
    Country: Australia
  • E36/7 M roadster
    Owner: Michael Caplan
    VIN: WBSCK9340YLC91373
    Date of Production: August, 1999
    Country: United States
  • E92 M3 coupe
    Owner: William Caldwell
    Date of Production: March, 2010
    Country: United States
  • F10 M5
    Owner: Mustafa Ilhan
    Date of Production: June, 2013
    Country: Turkey
  • E30 M3
    Owner: Tim Ng
    VIN: WBSAK0301J2196619
    Date of Production: October, 1987
    Country: United States
  • E90 M3 sedan
    Owner: Christian Debnar
    VIN: WBSPM9C55BE202913
    Date of Production: July, 2010
    Country: United States
  • E64 M6 convertible
    Owner: Stuart Barber
    VIN: WBSEK93518CY79412
    Date of Production: December, 2007
    Country: United States
  • E46 M3 coupe
    Owner: Gerard McComiskey
    VIN: WBSBL92000PP86982
    Date of Production: January, 2005
    Country: United Kingdom
  • E28 M5
    Owner: Robert Velez
    VIN: WBSDC9302J2791185
    Date of Production: February, 1987
    Country: United States