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AFTER MONTHS OF PAINSTAKING RESEARCH, we are very pleased to announce the publication of the long-awaited E90 + E92 + E93 M3 FAQ! You'll find all the details about the fourth-generation M3 RIGHT HERE, including production numbers and information on the numerous special editions.

EVEN MORE RECENTLY, we've updated the FAQ pages to now include the E71 X6 M. Keep checking back for more FAQ additions in the near future.
  • E28 M5
    Owner: Albert De Vasconcelos
    VIN: 00965334
    Date of Production: January, 1987
    Country: South Africa
  • E85 M Roadster
    Owner: Ted Schneble
    VIN: 5UMBT93556LY52164
    Date of Production: May, 2006
    Country: United States
  • E30 M3
    Owner: Philip Castle
    VIN: WBSAK0311MAE34572
    Date of Production: November, 1990
    Country: United States
  • E46 M3 coupe
    Owner: Lance Wayne
    VIN: WBSBL93475PN62892
    Date of Production: April, 2005
    Country: United States
  • E60 M5
    Owner: Jani Tynkkynen
    Date of Production: February, 2006
    Country: Finland
  • E24 M6
    Owner: Robert Muckle
    VIN: WBAEE1405J2561465
    Date of Production: January, 1988
    Country: Canada
  • E39 M5
    Owner: Richard Reyes
    VIN: WBSDE934X2CF90372
    Date of Production: October, 2001
    Country: United States
  • F10 M5
    Owner: Brandon Hardiman
    VIN: WBSFV9C58DC773772
    Date of Production: August, 2012
    Country: United States
  • E86 M Coupe
    Owner: Jean Dunow
    VIN: 5UMDU93457LL93796
    Date of Production: November, 2006
    Country: United States
  • E39 M5
    Owner: Aaron Townsend
    VIN: WBSDE92080BJ10277
    Date of Production: July, 1999
    Country: Australia
  • E30 M3
    Owner: Mark Ferdinando
    Date of Production: December, 1986
    Country: United Kingdom
  • E46 M3 coupe
    Owner: Nathan Etzel
    VIN: WBSBL93454PN59987
    Date of Production: August, 2004
    Country: United States
  • E34 M5
    Owner: Nick Butler
    VIN: WBSHD9319MBK06288
    Date of Production: May, 1991
    Country: United States
  • E10 2002 Turbo
    Owner: D L
    VIN: 4290964
    Date of Production: July, 1974
    Country: United States
  • F80 M3 sedan
    Owner: Alp Seyhan
    VIN: WBS8M9C51G5E68282
    Date of Production: March, 2016
    Country: United States
  • E24 M6
    Owner: Martin Maggio
    VIN: WBAEE1407H2560473
    Date of Production: March, 1987
    Country: United States
  • E36/7 M roadster
    Owner: John Galbreath Jr.
    VIN: WBSCK9349YLC91629
    Date of Production: September, 1999
    Country: United States
  • E92 M3 coupe
    Owner: Joe Heuser
    VIN: WBSWD935X8PY41023
    Date of Production: April, 2008
    Country: United States
  • E30 M3
    Owner: Mustafa Dersev
    VIN: WBSAK010000843041
    Date of Production: November, 1986
    Country: Cyprus
  • E46 M3 coupe
    Owner: Daniel Claymon
    VIN: WBSBL93466PN63906
    Date of Production: September, 2005
    Country: United States