F86 X6 M
Production Data
Special Versions
Colors and Upholstery
Production Versions:
KW81: European-spec (LHD), 11/2014 through 05/2019
KW82: European-spec (RHD), 12/2014 through 05/2019
KW83: North American-spec (LHD), 12/2014 through 05/2019
What makes the F86 X6 M unique?
The F86 X6 M is a high-performance version of the F16 X6 "Sport Activity Coupe" that was engineered by BMW M GmbH (an independent subsidiary of BMW AG). It is powered by a 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine developed by BMW M, and is equipped with many other enhancements to its chassis and cosmetics that distinguish it from other X6 models. However, it shares the majority of its mechanical components with the larger F85 X5 M.
Where was the F86 X6 M first introduced?
The F86 X6 M was first introduced at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show, alongside its F85 X5 M sibling.
Where was the F86 X6 M produced?
Final assembly of the F86 X6 M took place at BMW's Spartanburg, South Carolina factory alongside the standard F16 X6. However, its entire drivetrain was produced in Germany and mated to the car at Spartanburg.
Production Data
How many versions of the F86 X6 M were produced?
BMW M produced three distinct versions of the F86 X6 M: ECE specification with left-hand drive (model code KW81), ECE specification with right-hand drive (model code KW82), and North American specification with left-hand drive (model code KW83).
How many examples of the F86 X6 M were produced?
KW81 (ECE-spec, LHD): 4,844 produced from 11/2014 through 05/2019
KW82 (ECE-spec, RHD): 1,158 produced from 12/2014 through 05/2019
KW83 (NA-spec, LHD): 3,792 produced from 12/2014 through 05/2019
What changes were made during the production of the F86 X6 M?
BMW introduced almost no significant changes during the production run of the F86 X6 M, with the one major exception being the addition of iDrive 5.0 beginning with August, 2016 production. In addition to a touch screen interface, iDrive 5.0 offered available wireless charging, a wi-fi hotspot and enhanced USB/Bluetooth functionality.
How is the F86 X6 M's S63 powerplant different from that of its E71 X6 M predecessor?
The F86 X6 M features a revised version of the same 4,395-cc twin-turbocharged V8 engine that powered the E70 X5 M and E71 X6 M. Known by the internal designation S63 B44T2, it is a development of both the N63 B44O1 V8 used throughout the standard BMW range, as well as the S63 B44T0 V8 found in the F10 M5 and F06/F12/F13 M6. As such, many of the internal components and technologies are shared among all three engines, including the twin-scroll turbocharging and VALVETRONIC variable valve control. However, the cross-bank exhaust manifold, high-pressure injection system and forged aluminum crankshaft are borrowed directly from the S63 B44T0. In addition, the S63 B44T2 differs in the following areas:
—Revised oil supply system designed to maintain pressure at up to 1.2g of lateral/longitudinal acceleration
—Turbocharger wastegate valves with increased opening angle, for quicker warmup
—Electrical (not pneumatic) exhaust flaps
—Minor revisions to the cooling system and dual intercoolers (smaller, but just as efficient, as those found in the S63 B44T0)
—Bosch MEVD 17.2.H engine control unit, which is similar to the MEVD 17.2.8 system used in the S63 B44T0 but allows for electrical exhaust flap operation

The S63 B44T2 is rated at 575 hp (DIN) or 567 hp (SAE) @ 6,000-6,500 rpm and 553 lb-ft of torque @ 2,200-5,000 rpm. This makes the S63 B44T2 slightly more powerful than both the S63 B44O0 and S63 B44T0, though the latter matches the S63 B44T2 in horsepower when equipped with the optional Competition Package.
What type of transmission is offered in the F86 X6 M?
The F86 X6 M is equipped exclusively with a ZF M8HP75 eight-speed automatic transmission. This heavy-duty adaptation of the ZF 8HPTU features an aluminum oil sump with cooling fins, as well as a secondary oil-to-air heat exchanger mounted in front of the radiator. It is controlled by M-specific Drivelogic transmission software (with three distinct programs) that enables quicker shift times and prevents automatic upshifts at redline in manual mode. There is also a launch control feature. Gear ratios are as follows: 5.00 (1), 3.20 (2), 2.14 (3), 1.72 (4), 1.31 (5), 1.00 (6), 0.82 (7), 0.64 (8). The final drive ratio is 3.48:1.
What are the specifics of the all-wheel drive (xDrive) system used in the F86 X6 M?
The F86 X6 M uses a variation of BMW's xDrive all-wheel drive system that has been calibrated to deliver rear-wheel drive characteristics by sending more torque to the rear wheels under most driving conditions. In addition to transferring power between the front and rear axles depending on the amount of traction available to each of the four tires, the xDrive system in the X5 M is paired with Dynamic Performance Control (DPC) to adjust the distribution of torque between the two rear wheels based upon a multitude of parameters: vehicle speed, throttle position, wheel rotational speed, steering angle and yaw rate. The DPC functions via a pair of multi-disc clutches and planetary gearsets, one on each side of the rear differential, which are controlled by an electric servo that receives information from the Dynamic Stability Control system.
How does the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) function in the F86 X6 M?
The Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system in the F86 X6 M generally functions in the same manner as the DSC in other X5s. However, the system also has an additional M Dynamic Mode (MDM) that the driver can activate via the iDrive menu. This mode simultaneously raises the the threshold at which the DSC will intervene and also allocates more engine power to the rear drive wheels, thereby reducing understeer and enhancing rear-wheel drive handling characteristics.
How was the suspension of the F86 X6 M modified compared to F16 X6 models?
The F86 X6 M retains the same basic MacPherson strut/multi-link suspension design found in the previous E71 X6 M, with standard Electronic Damping Control (EDC), Active Roll Stabilization (ARS) and self-leveling rear air springs. However, the suspension has been substantially modified by BMW M GmbH with increased camber, camber progression and steering pivot axis on the front axle, as well as revised elastokinematics and more rigid bearings at the rear. Springs rates are firmer than in other F16 X6 models and ride height is reduced by 10 mm.
What type of steering system is used in the F86 X6 M?
Like the standard F16 X6, the F86 X6 M utilizes a rack-and-pinion steering system with electric (rather than hydraulic) power assistance. However, it has been modified with an M-tuned Servotronic system that offers three levels of assistance (adjustable via a switch in the center console) and a quicker overall ratio of 17.9:1 (versus 19.1:1).
What types of wheels and tires are fitted to the F86 X6 M?
The F86 X6 M was offered with a choice of two different wheel and tire sizes. Standard in most markets (but optional at no extra cost in the US) were M Double Spoke "Style 611M" forged alloy wheels measuring 10x20 inches (front) and 11.5x20 inches (rear) and carrying 285/40R20 (front) and 325/35R20 (rear) Pirelli P Zero tires. Larger M Double Spoke "Style 612M" forged alloy wheels measuring 10x21 inches (front) and 11.5x21 inches (rear) carrying 285/35R21 (front) and 325/30R21 (rear) Michelin Pilot Super Sport UHP tires were offered as an option in most markets (but were standard in the USA). Both wheel styles were available in a choice of silver or black finishes, though not all markets received both options.
What type of braking system is used by the F86 X6 M?
The F86 X6 M is equipped with four-wheel vented disc brakes featuring M Compound technology. Its steel rotors measure the same 15.6-inches in the front and 15.2-inches in the rear as the earlier E71 X6 M. However, the F16 X6 M adopts six-piston front calipers (in place of four-piston) and brake pads with 30 percent additional friction surface area. Overall weight of the braking components at each wheel is also decreased by 1.6 kg or 3.5 lbs. The calipers are painted dark blue and carry the "M" logo. In contrast to the M5 and M6, carbon ceramic rotors were not offered on the F86 X6 M.
How does the exterior of the F86 X6 M differ from that of other F16 X6 models?
The exterior of the F86 X6 M is distinguished by a number of specific bodywork features that are not found on other F16 X5 models (though the hood, grille, side mirrors and front bumper/fascia are shared with the F85 X5 M). The M-specific grille features double-rib vertical bars in black and the M side mirrors have integrated turn signals, while the front bumper/fascia is much deeper than the version found on the standard F16 X6 and incorporates a series of large ducts that feed air to the front brakes, auxiliary radiator and oil cooler. Its overall inlet area is 50 percent larger than on the prior E70 X5 M and E71 X6 M. Though similar to those used on the F85 X5 M, the front fenders are specific to the F86 X6 M and feature gills with integrated "air breathers" that aid in the vehicle's aerodynamic efficiency. The fender trim and side rocker panels are painted in the body color and are identical to those utilized with the F16 M Sport package. The unique rear bumper design incorporates the signature quad exhaust tips found on all M Series products since the late 1990s, as well as a pair of prominent vertical red reflectors. Finally, all F86 X6 Ms are equipped with high-gloss Shadowline window trim as standard, with satin aluminum as an option, plus a quartet of "X6 M" badges, one on the front grille, one on the tailgate, and one on each of the side gills.
How does the interior of the F86 X6 M differ from that of a standard F16 X5?
The interior of the F86 X6 M shares its overall design and construction with that of other F16 X6 models, though the upper dashboard is covered in leather (with the option of both a Merino leather dashboard and the extension of Merino leather trim to the rest of the dashboard). In many markets, an Anthracite Alcantara headliner was included as standard equipment (in place of an Anthracite cloth headliner), but was always included with the complete Merino leather option. The F86 X6 M steering wheel is based on that of the F10 M5, with a magnesium skeleton, tri-color M stitching on the rim, large M shift paddles and a pair of programable "M" buttons (to select the programmable MDrive modes). The instrument cluster is also shared with the F10 M5 and incorporates red needles, unique instrument graphics (including a graduated 330 kph/200 mph speedometer), M logo on tachometer face and unique digital displays for gear selection, Drivelogic mode and Driving Dynamics modes. Like the X6 M Sport, it is equipped with an M footrest and door sill plates with the "X6 M" logo.

Most markets received heated M sport seats—similar to those offered in the F16 X6 but covered in Merino leather–as standard, with the option of M multi-function sport seats (standard in North America) that are unique to the F85 X5 M and F86 X6 M. Also covered in Merino leather, these are heated and have adjustable lumbar support, as well as embossed M logos in the headrests and available seat ventilation. Three types of BMW M interior trims were offered in the F86 X6 M (as well as the F85 X5 M): brushed Aluminum Trace, Carbon Fiber and Fineline American Oak wood (in addition to three types of optional BMW Individual trims).
Special Versions
Were there any special versions of the F86 X6 M?
BMW M produced only one special edition of the F86 X6 M, though it was offered in two slightly different configurations. In most markets, it was known as the Black Fire Edition, while in the USA it was known as the Black Sapphire Edition—and received slightly less special content.
What distinguishes the F86 X6 M Black Fire Edition and Black Sapphire Edition?
Both the X6 M Black Fire Edition and the similar X6 M Black Sapphire Edition feature Black Sapphire metallic (475) paint and black-painted 21-inch M Double-Spoke alloy wheels, paired with a unique Mugello Red and Black bi-color complete Merino leather interior created by BMW Individual. The Black Fire Edition is further differentiated by a BMW M Performance high-gloss black "kidney" grille and carbon fiber mirror caps. The Black Fire Edition was also offered with a BMW M Performance Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel as a no-cost alternative to the standard leather-wrapped M wheel. Both the X6 M Black Fire Edition and X6 M Black Sapphire Edition have BMW Individual high-gloss piano black interior trim, though on the former it is further engraved with "edition X6 M Black Fire" in silver on the passenger side.

A total of 201 X6 M Black Fire Editions were produced produced between September and November of 2017: 103 in ECE-spec with left-hand drive form mainly for Europe, Russia, Mexico and the Middle East, as well as another 33 in ECE-spec with right-hand drive exclusively for South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, plus 15 NA-spec cars for Canada. A further 50 Black Sapphire Editions were produced exclusively for the US market between September and December of 2017.
Color and Upholstery Selections

The following chart lists all regularly available paint colors for the F86 X6 M.

Alpine White III 300 BMW AG
Black Sapphire metallic 475 BMW AG
Mineral White metallic A96 BMW AG
Carbon Black metallic 416 BMW M
Silverstone II metallic A29 BMW M
Melbourne Red metallic A75 BMW M
Long Beach Blue metallic C16 BMW M
Donington Grey metallic C28 BMW M
Azurite Black metallic S34 BMW INDIVIDUAL
Pyrite Brown metallic*
*not offered in the USA

The following chart lists regularly available upholstery colors and types for the F86 X6 M.

Black extended Merino leather LKSW BMW M
Black complete Merino leather X3SW BMW M
Silverstone extended Merino leather LKA9 BMW M
Silverstone complete Merino leather X3A9 BMW M
Sonoma Beige extended Merino leather LKJR BMW M
Sonoma Beige complete Merino leather X3JR BMW M
Mugello Red complete Merino leather X3MR BMW M
Aragon Brown complete Merino leather X3D8 BMW M
Smoke White extended Merino leather ZAFU BMW INDIVIDUAL
Nutmeg extended Merino leather ZAML BMW INDIVIDUAL
Taupe extended Merino leather ZAN3 BMW INDIVIDUAL
Criollo Brown extended Merino leather ZAP3 BMW INDIVIDUAL
Amaro Brown extended Merino leather ZAP5 BMW INDIVIDUAL

The following chart lists all regularly available interior trims for the F86 X6 M. NOTE: BMW Individual interior trims not offered in the USA.

Aluminum Trace 4L9 BMW M
Carbon Fiber 4MC BMW M
Fineline American Oak Wood 4CV BMW M
Ash Volcano Brown Wood 4WC BMW INDIVIDUAL