Can you tell a Cecotto from a Winkelhock? What about DSC from SMG? Find out everything there is to know about M cars in our extensive Frequently Asked Questions section. Like a living organism, the FAQs will be growing and evolving as fast as we can gather the information together. But if there's something you think we've stated incorrectly or that simply isn't covered, just let us know by sending us an e-mail.
E09 3.0 CSL
E12 M535i
E20 2002 Turbo
E23 745i SA (M88)
E24 M635CSi + M6
E26 M1
E28 M535i
E28 M5
E30 320is (S14)
E30 M3
E30 M3 convertible
E31 850CSi
E34 M5
E34 M540i
E36 M3 3.0
E36 M3 3.2
E36/7 M roadster
E36/8 M coupe
E39 M5
E46 M3
E60 + E61 M5
E63 + E64 M6
E70 X5 M
E71 X6 M
E82 1 Series M Coupe
E85 M Roadster
E86 M Coupe
E90 + E92 + E93 M3
F10 M5
F06 + F12 + F13 M6
F80 M3
F82 + F83 M4
F85 X5 M
F86 X6 M
F87 M2
F90 M5
F91 + F92 M8
F97 X3 M
F98 X4 M